Spread: The Monthly Journal of Poetry

by C. Dusterhoff, editor. SPAKSTRA PRESS. PO Box 224, Seattle, WA. 98111

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Me know that he is tasted the bite of the alligator and knows the concrete, the damp, a shard of glass in the eye, the circus of moldy steaming camels, the poetry of sobbing pencils and the poems that fall like teeth from the mouths of clowns like endless rain, endless. But not without the joy of wine and beer and the rollicking revolutionary Ing of banquets of the flesh! And wining at gambling. And missing out on the war! And releasing all the animals form the zoo - they run wild in the streets of Seattle and swim back across the Pacific and Indian Oceans to live free again in China and Africa! Oh yes. Write him. Send poems. Send him stamps. Send him money. Send him pages from your apples and large sections of dishwater. The sea turtles are coming ashore! Sea Horses! Send him.

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