by The Derz. CD. 2002. Ragtag Records - rtg 5593502. All songs written by K. M. Dersley.

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One knows what one likes even when one can’t talk much about it. I am this way with music. So - how can I write about this CD Derzology? So I gotta write that I like it - and talk about comparisons: it makes me think of John Cale and a bit of Lou Reed’s talking singing and a bit of The Rolling Stones, when they were still good. And this is blues like rock and roll! And vocals as well the writer of the songs is K. M. Dersley. Dersley runs Ragged Edge (see his web site clip into the URL thing above) I find the music helps me create (like listening to Classical music did for Bukowski). I found I listened closely and wanted to hear. I did, I think, hear one song in a topless bar. It made hippos in the Niger brew double bock beer. It made me wrap red roses in masking tape. The dictionary began to fly. The plumbing in the house worked and the gas bill read zero! And then the electric company called up and said they wanted to give me money! R. L. Stine wrote a Goosebumps about my next door neighbor. My other neighbor died and young beautiful nudists without curtains moved in and they gave me free weed! The price of gas went down and the snow storms that usually hit Buffalo? well they hit Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Well - that is how good Derzology is and better, and butter also.

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