by Carlos M. Luis. Carlos M, Luis 10099 N.W. 4 Lane, Miami, Florida 33172.

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Part of the new contingent of visual poets making the point these last few years, Jim Leftwich, Michael Peters, among them, is Carlos Luis and this is Carlos Luis’s latest contribution (write him for his other and earlier contributions ’ worth a verbo/visual time). This poem work is a most delightful combination, combine and constellation of work/text… POEM! Poem! of many languages, and various linguistics summer-salting and hand standing, springing and generous language acrobatics, with strains and streams of visual imagery and neologism, again in various tongues, recognizable, speaking-able and not. Carlos Luis is the great gesture writer of visual poetry. All, all aspects of language come into his field of activities. On his pallet are so many tools … … his explore-presstionistic poetry is a smorgasbord of variation and innovation.

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