Bottle No. 1. Bottle of Smoke Press

by Edited by Bill Roberts. Bottle of Smoke Press 503 Tuliptree Square, Leesburg, VA. 20176.

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Bottle No. 1 is a collection of 12 broadsides in portfolio, with color Bukowski picture on cover by Michael Monfort, and linocut by Marc Snyder of FIMP Press ( ). And them what aret among poets is: Gary Aposhian, David Barker, Neeli Cherkovski, Henry Denander , Dan Fante. And then, what the hell, the rest of the poets are: S.A. Griffin , Bradley Mason Hamlin, Gerald Locklin, Michael Madsen, Ann Menebroker Charles Plymell and A. D. Winans. So, you see that this is the club of new and old small press poets, poets who choose as a form of poetic to be sharply personally expressionistic, funny, open also utilizing all sorts of people daily language and the cadences of real speech ’ finding here IT the populace talking - meaning the true fruit of William Carlos Williams, Bukowski and Whitman all in one pack. Each item most really beautiful (and many in color) and each a delight and different, unique ’ poem and presentation. Bottle No. 1 ’ a labor of passion and dedication. A bell ringer. A load loaf of octopus bread with Genoa Salami and fresh butterfly butter, mixed with banana genitalia.

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