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I sit here with this 20th issue Anniversary issue and Jack Hirschman is on the cover. And I open the magazine and it is dedicated to the memory of Wendell Metzgar and on the next page reading to see who is involved I see Doug Holder of Boston. And I flip the pages and read poems by Susan Landon and Mark Wisniewski and ed galing and Joan Jobe Smith. Well, this is quite the gangs all here I think. This is a thing of love to ponder this picnic, this dance at the gym - 20 damned times! 20 printing bills to pay, 20 postage bills, a billion letters and emails and ten billion poems. Well, I wanna shake hands with these words here and say, Hell, Damn, Holy Crap! Brian! 20. 20! 20 cigarettes in a pack! What else has 20 in it? Eggs, rolls of film? 20 to One is a long shot but I would back Poesy anytime. Here is the back bone, here are the legs, here are the lonely men and women fixing the streets and picking up the garbage. They are the blood of Lorca. And that poetic blood prints this magazine. Here is the real revolution and the other people making the poem in the face our imperial government that slices the ass off education and libraries and arts and boot-kicks the poor like dogs. Here is Posey. But dogs have the pen! Oh Posey! Oh Posey! A pocket full of and ashes of Rimbaud burning. Oh Posey. Be 40 and 50! And damn us all asshole poets of the planet! Why not send the guy some few stinking worn out and worm out and nose snot, tear stained paper money. Do you really think that the government should do it! Look at the government, your city, county, state and … in Wash D.C. Do you really want a government, or a church to run your poetry magazine? Not me. Oh Posey! Be 40 Be 50 Be 60 and more. I thank you.

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