Bogg. No. 72. 2003.

by Edited by John Elsberg. Bogg Press. 422 N. Cleveland St., Arlington, VA 22201.

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Hey stupid! You! Numb nuts! 25 five years of honoring the poem and poetry and poets! Well, if you haven’t been there meaning here meaning ever readed this poetry magazine than you are a loser or the rock you live under is sat upon by very large elephant and you more mystified by that elephant’s anus than poetry. To each her or his own, but I rather have poetry and a taco myself. So here we have the most recent deck of cards from Elsberg’s Bogg and the kings and jacks, queens and diamonds and hearts and etc are by the rain dog! R. D. Armstrong, Ann Menebroker, Dave Moore, Michael Kriesel and the gang is large and vocal, 56 pages, many of them are drunk, some are horny, a few have twenty dollars bills hidden in their socks. Not many can dance but almost everyone will buy you a cup of coffee in the early morning hours, count owls, and talk and talk and talk the most wonderful poetry while you eat your steak and eggs (over easy), hash browns with lots of ketchup, rye toast with butter mountains and great balls of grape jelly.

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