God Save My Queen: a Tribute

by Daniel Nester. 132 pages. Soft Skull Press, 71 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217. www.softskull.com

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Hey Queen Fans. Hello QUEEN, QUEEN fans! Hey, Nester WILL ROCK YOU! He’s a KILLER QUEEN! Well, I don’t know about hat. He knows the words! Each section of the book has the title of a Queen album (as they were released) and each short prosy entry in each section has the title of a Queen song, as they appear on the albums. This is one of the neat things about this book: literary art weavered with the material of pop music, history and youth culture. If you are a Queen fan or addict. Oh yeah. You gotta have this one. To define: Nester writes a hybrid form ’ part prose, prose poem, diary (personal memoir), recorded memory, imaginary memory, dream and Queen fact. It is a private world, with QUEEN at center that he creates. It is the private world of teen memories tempered with time. It is imagination and juxtaposed image assembled as a collage that invites you (as reader) into the composition. Life and art! Art and culture! This book, this form, serves a delicious plate that really succinctly defines a context in which we all in Americana culture reside. Find yourself. Here’s a key via writing.

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