by Sandra Guerreiro. 32 pages. 2003. House Press, Buffalo, New York

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The faith I have in poetry to open the portals of the imagination to allow one to love again and with a permission to love continuously was here resurrected reading Sandra Guerreiro’s significant new book of poetry. This is not a poetry of narrative adventure or a poetry of place in the real. It is a capturing of the elusive Eros of words, those brief moments in strings of words that flirt by like tiny fish in clear streams. A teasing to read deeper! And she comprehends the role of fingers in writing and love and the spaces within a poem where poetry resides. Each unnamed poem in this sequence invites the sensual return to our mundane lives. Love and poetry invigorate me and here this magnificent and ruling emotion fully involves me as reader (I become a person in the poem) and engages me and then I transformed into the water of Sandra Guerreiro’s poem magic and I felt I too was poetry.

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