Score. No. 18. 2003.

by Crag hill. 88 pages. Crag Hill, 111 E. Fifth, Moscow, ID 83843.

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Score is a visual poetry, experimental, limitless magazine. Dense, rich and varied, unafraid, Score is a commitment to an area of poetry as diverse and radical as to be completely awesome and threatening to the clipped and tired and tied wings of most poetry. Score was started, Crag Hill once told me, to be a place for poetic scores. The fruit is now in season. The aural impact is truly forceful. There are as many new sounds as new sights as new forms in this issue. And what was most surprising was the number of new participants in this adventure. Particularly, I have to mention the section generated by the Atlanta Poets Group, which I find most extraordinary and hence excited because here then is a group of artists who formed a tight knit and progressive unit of poets and exploratory poetics, a conversation of poetries that does not have to occur in certain bars on Manhattan! Oh thank God there is something new in the universe! This is a model, this APG, Atlanta Poets Group, of poetry in this new century. Carry on and check it out. Crag Hill is immortal.

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