Greatest Hits: 1995-2003

by A. D. Winans. ISBN: 1-58998-219-3. Greatest Hits Series No. 197. $8.95. Pudding House Publications, 81 Shadymere Lane, Columbus, Ohio, 43213. [

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Let’s first say after 197 in this series, a round of applause and applesauce for Jennifer Bosveld ’ Queen of Pudding House! Now on to this greatest hits by Winans, who places his soul as a thin wafer of Holy Communion, each day, on the tongue of the poem for people and poetry of the people, so those distressed, will have a poetry, and some poems, like baskets of oranges and lettuce from China Town, like cool designer beer for which you are charged Bud price, for thanks for the coffee and another in which sunshine is the cream, twists words Winans like spaghetti around a fork Communion Winans stands mighty with his picket-sign outside the stuffy too easy life of tweed jackets and turtle necks and mom and dad paying the rent for apartments in Venice, oh Winans, oh stick it in up sideways up their stupid, intellectual asses our poems of working people and broken people our poems our crowns our thorns.

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