Poesy XXII. Fall 2003

by Brian Morrisey. Issn # 1541-8162. C/o Brian Morrisey, P.O. Box 7823, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95061. www.poesy.org

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I waiting to get a blood test and they have a retarded woman about 26 in the blood draw chair and she is freaked by the needle and has two or three nurses and kinda blood nurses and officials and a social worker as big as line-backer hovering about her like vultures and I need this before my needle after 12 hours of fasting (even no water) and I see that Morrisey runs 1000 copies of this Poesy mag! 1000 copies he does it for free! 1000, that is 1, xero-zero-sero copies! And it starts off with a great editorial where he talks to my mind about the commune between poet and editor and poetry! He understands and then there are pomes and poems by Linda Lerner and an interview with her ’ these are her days! And a wonderful anti-war poem by Antler. He knows. Another money war for Republican rich to get a Republican richer and how is it that Americans are so stupid to believe Bush and cause so much dead and death when there are pomes and poems by Dave Church and an interview with Robert K. Johnson in this mag. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be hearing a poem by Edward Obuszenski ’ it sings of strange humankind’s veil of the self ’ rather than Bush’s piece of shit excuses for more dead? Well, I would. And I’d read poems by David Chorton and translations by Jack Hirschman and Boston Notes by the Doug! Doug Holder ’ he be! And they can take all the blood they want and run all their blood texts for this bug and that pencil and that milk thistle in your blood is too high. Tough and too bad. And the hell with Bush ’ it is poem mags like these that make the heart beat each and every long darned cold day and tanks the Christ and other various gods for the poem what is here preserved and perpetuated by Morrisey ’ wish he as my President! YOU! Join up. Resist by opening your imagination! ’ Do it with Now! Start with POESY XXII.

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