by Serge Segay and Rea Nikonova. Anabasis Xtant. C/o Jim Leftwich, 1512 Mountainside Ct., Charlottesville, VA 22903-9707. 2003. ISBN 1-930259-32-8

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Let’s say this is a book of visual poetry, concrete poetry in the old way. In the new way the authors and publishers haven’t titled the book in the usual way – meaning with recognizable title. This is a very good thing – to rob the rulers of their power concentrated in titles. In single authors, also and of the arrogance of the meaning frozen on the page! With the repetition of images in this poetry the reader is pulled forward at a tempo created by the variation in the images. Therefore, this visual poetry has cadence, and movement! It is a living thing. Not confined to Finlay like sleepy garden but let loose and wild in the world. It has sound in its obviously score like potential. If only we had instruments! Ah! That’s it. One needs a fresh voice and new instruments (vocals or sound making things) to make this thing sing o0ut ound. However, this text already sings in mind and heart imagination. Ah, Mercury! A flight forward here into the visual poetry of the future and allall poetry also. Delight times three.

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