by Cait Collins. 32 pages. 2003. $5.00. fingerprintpress. P.O. Box 5473 Deptford, NJ 08096.

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Cait Collins published this book what does not mean in my mind that I can not read it and write about in her ezine. Right, Pal, or what? Anyway, I have read Knapsack before and he is a poet full of the youthful fire of poet who somehow got his fingers caught in the lawn mower while his feet are in the washing machine and he is writing with his dick and boiling wood glue has exploded in the library. He is mashing it up here. Time and words. With big chunks as of poetry stuck to the walls. Pull it off. Hot and smoldering. Thick and chunky and raw with delight. Gunna be a collector’s item cause he won’t stop ’ you can’t stop this type of cyclone force. Just sacrifice a bull and get out of the way.

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