HAT: a one-page magazine

by edited by Ross Priddle. Imp press, 21 Valleyview Drive SW, Medicine Hat, Alberta, E1A 7K5. Canada.

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Master of the single page magazine Ross Priddle’s latest manifestation is HAT! Or maybe just Hat. Already he is past 21 issues. Glorious it is that he publishes visual poetry. He has captured a community and forms a network of poets who see and make the work of their community. It is such anchors as Priddle who make poetry live and allows it to develop. Obviously, Priddle doesn’t wine (but maybe he drinks it) about gigantic presses like Vi(stin)king, Heathcourt, Brassed and JohnovicOvic, etc. publishing poetry or the distributtion of it or not of it. Or remaindered books. Or sales or number of copies and the like and dislike and distaste and horrible business of poetry taste on the lips and mouth! Like ammonia or elephant crag or crap. Nope. Simple and clear he has measured the network of the poetry for which he has deep affection and is thereby infected with its poetics and then because the spirit of it is in him he makes this magazine, this thing of pearl beauty for those guests at his table. Take your hat off or put your hat on and don’t forget your hat or lose it. Hat’s off to R. Priddle.

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