Gypsy. AKA Loose Leaf Gypsy. Spring 2004 - Vergin Press

by Editor, Belinda Subraman. Vergin Press. PO Box 370322, El Paso, Texas 79937.

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It has been 10 years since Gypsy rolled across these fingers and welcome now to have in hand this issue: Loose Leaf Gypsy! Gypsy is back and back and back. And back with old friends in magazine: Gerald Locklin, Mark Weber, Bart Solarczyk and batches of new poets and artists fresh from Gypsy to me (and you) ’ Donna J. Snyder, Joseph Somoza and a bunch more. This is Loose Leaf Gypsy because it comes in a pocket folder and in the pockets are broadsides and art. All cool. Bold and vibrant and small press concerned and champion this resurrection of Gypsy has rolled with the time but remained loyal to the root of poetry as it surged in the early 1980s when an entire generation of underground and other world/class level of poets first reached for the gold bottle of beer and seized that day with relish and passion and mustard. Ah Belinda many many will welcome your open bar of poetry! Ah! Down in the West Texas Town of El Paso I spied a magazine dancing in air! This star in the midnight of poetry is a teat to those poetry sailors searching for an OZ! Ah. A spirting lighthouse! Or as Justin Barrett writes in his poem Early Morning Bike Ride:


And when you write to Gypsy ask about the two new books just recently published: Last Chap by Jonathan Penton and Tango by Arden Tic and Nicholas Sands. Worth it.

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