Shattered Wig Review No. 24

by Edited by Rupert Wondolowski.. 425 E. 31st St. Baltimore, MD. 21218

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Outpost of the Eve-Ant-Guard in Ball-Some-More! Rupert Wondolowski has just published his 24rth issue of: Shattered Wig Review. The howl on the lips of the wolf! The smoke bellowing from the end of your father’s filterless Camel! The meat on the stick of melting marshmallow of butterfly wing fried spareribs! Speadered with works by John M. Bennett, Al Ackerman, ric royer, Beppi Knott and A Fluffy Bunny, with form of magazine pushes ascetics like Homer once did with tales of wondering and wandering. Wandering Wondolowski has some stuff in here also. A truel and always funny and satirical and delight and terrific magazine that all should hold in paw while swingering from tree to tree like Tarzan or at the swingers club Friday happy hour. Going bald from the stress of boring poetry? Try on this Shattered Wig.

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