Big Hammer. Issue No. 7

by Edited by Dave Roskos. Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books. PO Box 54, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

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Open this bottle of boiling and fuming wine blood red ketchup and it will bubble over on your clean white pants! Or this sizzling zipper cup of coffee will certainly burn your flabby weak and pink tongues! If you stick your hand or tit into this washing machine watch out cause with Dave Roskos as editor this train is heading quick to the South American of the imagination with ants in the pants. As the ink dries let’s yank a few things out of the spin dryer down at the Laundromat. So inside this is Alfred Kremeborg, Sheyl Melms, Todd Moore, Kell Robertson, Boni Joi, Donald Lev ’ bunches of NJ poets and the underground oil poets seeping up through the earthquake slips in the ground. What do ya wanna know about Big Hammer! Well ’ you like poems like hammers that crack open walnuts and pop bottles and windshields and pound nails into your face. Hey, dummy, if that is what you wish ’ use Big Hammer! And while you written to Dave ask about: Temporary Guaranteed Shelter by Ken Greenley, from Roskos’s Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books

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