Black Spring. Winter 2004

by Steve Tills. Steve Tills, 98 West Main Street, Shortville, NY 14548

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An interesting supermarket is Black Spring (from Henry Miller’s?) with a wide variety of tastes that are all cultured and focused. Hence, Black Spring is a hand of cards with poems different but the same in the pursuit of poetic contemporary experimentation, progression out from Olson and as Jim McCrary writes in his 103 section of Hotter Than And Now (let me quote it in its entirety) ‘Whoa!’ And then there is Catherine Daly. Let’s quote a line from her: In EBCDIC & Hex, ‘84 89 a2 97 93 81 a8 a2.’ I put the period in. Ah, that’s nice and and that’s only one line! So there is this real measure by Tills, whose works are within also, of him as editor renewing poets whom he has admired in other manifestations and reading and finding the freshest of poetry from about the country. Why not name them all, as if this were spermaceti or the supermarket sale paper and this store is called Black Spring. Disz week you got: Brent Bechtel, Catherine Daly, Kari Edwards, Stephen Ellis, Jim McCrary, Chris Murray, Layne Russell and Steve Tills. And Tills we meet again ’ enjoy.

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