[U T O ?] Blausteinsee

by Luc Fierens and Reed Altemus. PostFluxpost/Tonerworks. Luc Fierens, Post Fluxpost Galdenberg 18, B-1982 Weerde, Belgium. Reed Altemus, Tonerworks, P.O. Box 52 Portland, ME 04112-0052.

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Well, what is the title? Probably in the world of words it will simply end up as: Blausteinsee. So be it. But that’s too bad because this is more, so much more than a title. What is spectacular in this slim, co-authored text, is that it is not of the world of words but of the realm of poetry that is a combine of words and images and sound and all forms of meta-writing. It springs full flesh form from the meta-poetic, that far reaching trajectory in poetry that is pushing for excellence in experimentation. This book is by two poets who relish in changeling and challanguageing the status quo. Oh, well yes, they relish on the hot-dog of the academic stiff meat poetry. Well, not meat at all, because there are no meat dogs in school - only cereal filed sausage skins. Relish the relish the relish. So here we have a dynamic duo of poetry pushing limits with rubber stamps and collage techniques borrowed from painting. It is bold. It is provocative and it, like a spray can spewing graffiti, is reinventing the media and medium of poetry. Check into this hotel if you want a front row seat for the upcoming poetry parade.

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