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5 Oulipo Constraints

Oulipo, or Workshop of Potential Literature, is a group of writers and thinkers interested in the notion of “constraint”.

You can think of constraint as something like the rules of a generative writing game. For example, the rules of the sonnet game result in the creation of a sonnet. The rules of the short story game result in the creation of a short story. Are there other rules? New games? New things to create? By asking those questions, the Oulipo has become a workshop of potential literature.

Here are five constraints you can try.

1. The Oulipo Keyboard

Like a prepared piano, an oulipo keyboard is modified in some way. Perhaps the vowels are changed to create words that are pronounced differently.

2. The N+7 Method

Replace every noun in the text with a word that falls 7 places ahead of it in the dictionary. If it’s too time-consuming to use an analogue dictionary, try the N+7 Machine instead.

3. The Prisoner’s Constraint

Exclude any of the letters with “legs”: b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, and y.

4. The Metro Poem

A metro poem has as many verses as your trip has stations, minus one.

5. The Snowball Method

The text builds in length as it progresses , like a snowball gathering mass while it rolls downhill. Start with a first line or sentence of one word, and add one word to each new line or sentence.

via We Who Are About To Die