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No Categories is the personal site by Dylan Kinnett, a writer and web developer who makes performances, recordings, hypertexts, and a literary journal.


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How to Rant: A Workshop

Learning to Make Books by Hand

Bowie-esque Spoken Word Playlist

Snow-Blind and Looking Around

(Ugly) Websites for Writers and Authors

Types of Titles

Alexander and his collage

When 'It Just Works' Doesn't Work

Kenneth Goldsmith’s Controversial Conceptual Poetry

My tea looks like science!

Detail image of framed thing in my room. I like to stare at it and imagine I'm there.

For Throwback Thursday, here’s one of me, from the wayback. #tbt #90s

Ruins of a bridge over the Potomac River

I like to go to the farmer’s market & look at the baskets.

Lafayette’s Boat Visits Baltimore

Stylish Haircut

Order A Copy of Litanies and Reiterations

How I Made a Repository of my Writings, and Why

Creative Changes

“Set List” for Upcoming Chapbook

Composing with Words the Way John Cage Composes with Sounds

An Interesting Pattern

Portrait of a portrait

I’m the proud owner of this rare William S. Burroughs book :)

Submission Strategy Review

Litblog Roundup at the End of 2014

Litblog Roundup 12: the New, New Republic, #NaNoWriMo Wrap-up, and More

Litblog Roundup 11: Literary Obituaries, Broadsides, and Communities

Litblog Roundup 10

Litblog Roundup 9

Litblog Roundup 8

Litblog Roundup 7: Amazon, #HaleNo, Set Fire to the Stars

Litblog Roundup 6

Litblog Roundup 5

Pop-up Playwright

LitBlog Roundup: Book Tube, Essays, Typography and More

Link Posts, Longform Blogging, and Social Bookmarks

Litblog Roundup for the End of September 2014

Is there any such thing as a free social network?

Oh Life Bites the Dust

Litblog Roundup, September 2014, Week 3

Litblog Roundup

5 Myths About the New Era of Publishing

Coming Soon to Videocassette

So Many Publishing Platforms, So Little Time

This Poem is Not About Wine

Mockups of an Upcoming Chapbook

A Square Book

Authenticity Versus Expectation

Swimming in Magazines

Typesetting Poetry

Zoom Poem 1

A Look At Some Contemporary Poetry Broadsides

Rapid Book Development

On Making the Poetry Manuscript

On Switching to Markdown

Brainstorming a Chapbook

Motionpoems: Film Adaptations of Contemporary Poetry

Gertrude Stein as Bookmaker

Would You Read A Cell Phone Novel?

Design for the Where and When of Reading

Tolkien’s ‘Beowulf’

Vocoder: Judith Goldman

The Imaginary Voyage

Taking 'Taking Chances'

Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music by Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (1968)

Little Red Leaves Textile Series

Project Hubs: A Home Base for Design Projects

Penflip Reinvents Git for Writers

Git and the Writer

To Be Prolifig in an Emergency

The novel is dead (this time it’s for real)


Bob Marcacci: Oulipost Exit Interview


Intangible Possessions

Long Lost Game Boy Camera Photos Of New York

The Death of the Novel, Again

Ten Things Not to Do at a Literary Reading

If Famous Films Were Reduced To A Single Block Of Color

100 Diagrams That Changed the World

Poet Christian Bok reads from Eunoia

Conversational Interfaces

The Best To-Do App

Index of First Lines

The Trouble With Online Writing Apps

Three Poems and a Video Poem

Following Silliman’s Blogroll

Baltimore at Sunset

Glitch Scrolls

Leaving Microsoft Word Behind

Moving to Markdown

The Concept-Page

Scrivener, Git and Version Control for Writers

The Simple Software That Could—but Probably Won’t—Change the Face of Writing

Apps For Writers with Version Control

Useful Features of Version Control Software

Version Control for Writers

Fully Booked: Ink on Paper

My Grandmother’s Writings Part Two: File Cabinets and Beer Boxes

My Grandmother’s Writings Part One: “Look at all this paper!”

There are No Categories for Music Genre

Napoleon Can Fly!

Makerspaces and Museums

the only book that isn't data is a blank one

the only book that isn’t data is a blank one

Four Years Closer

Generative Writing Cut-Up Tools DadaDodo and Dadadodomax

Audio Experiments

Gearing up for Sound

Xbox Live is a Ghost Town for Apps

Ink Pen Broke…

Film-Making by hacking a video game?

How I Do My Word Processing

A Report on the Weather Report

When to Abandon a Creative Project

Interesting vs. Familiar

Delurking My Life

Blogging Changes Quickly


E-Book Interface Prototype Demo

The Death of Hypertext?

Welcome to the Copycat

Arkitypo: letter rotations

More Scriptwriting Software

Outpost Journal Kickstarter Video

Multiphasic DVD Release

Eldorado to the Moon

download space age pop music galore

Funny Space Costumes

Close Encounters

Erik Spiekermann – Putting Back the Face into Typeface


A Kick Start for Infinity’s Kitchen

the ability to control who sees what

My Favorite Notebook


Cassini Mission

Practical Lessons for E-Book Publishing

Stream of Consciousness Writing

Script Writing Software

Nothing is Original

Space-Girl Dance

Concrete Music


A Strange Creature

Robots, Nudes and Spaceships


Writing with Audio

Most Literary Publications are Sexist

Recipe for a Litany Poem

WORMS, Feb. 16 2010

Vieux Carre’ by The Wooster Group

Essential Space Age Pop Albums

Space is the Place

Hipsterssss iiiiiin Spaaaaace!

Forbidden Planet

Space Age Pop a Go-Go


Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin Hear Us Through The Hole In Thin Air

Heh. Look at that guy.

How not Having a Car Became Hollywood Shorthand for Loser

Records of Existence

Ten Reasons Why I (don’t really) Love Lists

Spoken Word at Singers in Baltimore

Altered Text

Second Land Releases Eponymous Album

Strange Punctuation

A Piano Made of Telephones

My First Spoken Word Album

Infinity’s Kitchen Issue 3

Consensus Trance digital fiction

Full-Figured Experimental Music

Des Imagistes: Some Imagist Poems

Algorithmic Avant-Garde

Advice for Writing Art Criticism

Learning to Write Art Criticism

Generative Writing Exercises

The Validity of Experimenal Literature

Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection

The Crap Poetry Manifesto

Welcome to Infinity’s Kitchen

Release Party

Submission Tracking for Writers

Liz King: Best Singer/Songwriter in Baltimore

Ed Schrader Show: Thursday Night Lineup

Spoken Word on the Ed Schrader Show

Publishing to the Blog from Microsoft Word

Spoken Word Recording Session at Magnanimous Records

Mixing Writers and Artists

Image-Only Poems

The Ed Schrader Show

Apocalypse Playground Gets a Place in History

Book Companion Websites

What’s in the Tent?

Gentlemanly Lecturer

Sounds of the Sideshow

The Carnival Show

The Outside Talker

William Shatner Covers Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual

Back to the Drawing Board

Street Preacher

The Legend of Alexandre The Savage Gnome

An Apocalypse, and Goats

Hypertext Structure

Street Preacher

Stone Soup Poets

Old Links

Meaning and Being-in-the-(Modern)-World

The No Categories Manifesto