rants, raves, and writings by Dylan Kinnett

Composing with Words like John Cage

In about two days, I plan to get on stage to perform a written work in front of a live audience and read, not from a script, but from something more like a score. I’m not the only person engaging in this literary experiment. There are about a dozen of us. What are we doing?

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Last of the Typewriter Men

If you have a laptop that quits working, you can take it to one of the many computer repair shops all over the country to have it repaired — for a while, until it becomes obsolete in just a few years.

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Marginalia Exhibition

If you like to write notes, jokes, or insults into the margins of the books you read, you may be interested to know that you’re part of a centuries-long tradition.

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New Sherlock Holmes

There’s a recently rediscovered short story about Sherlock Holmes that may have been written by Arthur Conan Doyle, or maybe not. With so many (re)discovered manuscripts already this year, it seems to be a trend.

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