Poetry Chapbooks, Zines, and Rare Books from the Early 2000s

Poetry Chapbooks, Zines, and Rare Books from the Early 2000s

Michael Basinski contributed nearly 300 reviews of poetry publications to a webzine called The Hold, from 2000-2005. He was the Associate Curator of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection SUNY at Buffalo.

The reviews describe the works of poets and publishers at a time right before the web became ubiquitous, so they are a useful archive as well as an enjoyable read.

With Michael Basinski’s permission, I’m re-posting those reviews in a format that’s easier to use than a web archive of a defunct website. You can read the reviews on a single, modern web page, or download them as an electronic book. The source material is also available on github.

What’s Included?

On a near-monthly basis Basinski’s early litblog presented reviews of poetry chapbooks, zines, and rare books that were published at that time. Here’s a list. Enjoy!

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