How to Write With AI: Tips, Tricks, and Observations for Writers Using ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make it easier to work more efficiently with text. As writers, there’s more to what we do than “working with text” but even expert writers can benefit from AI-powered applications. They’re useful for writers in a few ways.

Cutting out the Busywork

With tools like ChatGPT, writers can save time and focus on more creative tasks, such as developing plotlines, character development, and world-building. By eliminating tedious tasks, writers can speed-up the less-creative work like summaries, correspondence, and even rewriting texts into a different format.

Generative Writing

Writers get stuck sometimes, and it can happen in a few different ways. Sometimes the narrative just stops flowing. Perhaps an AI can help to generate some random responses to continue the story, and maybe one of those will get things back on track. How about an AI partner to brainstorm some titles? AI is useful for that as well.

Proofreading and Corrections

Writing is a craft that requires accuracy, and AI-powered tools can help writers to ensure their work is free from errors. AI grammar checkers, for example, can detect and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. These tools can also suggest better word choices, thus enhancing the overall quality of the writing. The new breed of AI-powered writing apps can learn from different writing styles, and provide more appropriate checks that go beyond the basic spelling and grammar checks from a traditional word processor.

Whether you’re a blogger, a novelist, or a journalist, there are plenty of AI apps out there that can help you achieve your writing goals. So, why not give them a try and see how they can help you?