Announcing Baltimore's Newest Reading Series

Infinity's Kitchen reading series is a monthly literary event designed to highlight the work of new and interesting writers from Baltimore and beyond. The readings will be held at Sidebar in Baltimore, Maryland. Infinity's Kitchen reading series will also include discussions of the performers and their work, in a format that resembles a late night talk show. There may even be some fun gags thrown in, for good measure. This is not an open-mic event but submissions are open.

February's Lineup

Andrew Sargus Klein is a poet and improvisational artist based in Baltimore. He loves lapel flowers and ducks. His first chapbook, "Bluemore", was recently published by Furniture Press Books.

Amanda McCormick is an outdoorswoman, print / book maker, and cook. She is the founding curator of Ink Press Productions in Baltimore where she likes to roam earth / field questions. Her first epic poem, "& the green", will be released this summer.

Heather Rounds' debut novel "There" won the 2011 Emergency Press International Book Award and was published by the Press in 2013. She's a co-founder of the roaming curatorial collective The Rotating History Project and currently lives in Baltimore.