#experimental literature

Roulette TV: New and Experimental Music

Infinity’s Kitchen dabbles, ever so slightly, with experimental music, as well as literature. The opening release party for our publication featured several musical acts. If you like that sort of stuff, check out Roulette TV.

Roulette TV is an on-going, innovative video series which presents unique contemporary music in compelling and engaging performances given by the creators themselves. Each performance is followed by an insightful interview which offers the opportunity to get close to the artists who range from those who often speak about the rich associations and ideas they have developed during the course of their work to those who are revealing their creative processes for the first time. The wealth of concepts, personalities, real-world experience, sonic and visual beauty available from this Roulette TV series builds a springboard of inspiration and information for students, and creates enlivening, deep musical encounters for the enterprising viewer.