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Live From the High Zero Music Festival

Baltimore’s critically acclaimed High Zero is perhaps the most unusual festival of new music in the country, mixing no-holds barred experimentation on a large scale with all new, spontaneous collaborations between some of the most interesting musicians on the planet.

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Learning to Write Art Criticism

Ever since I met with Physicalism, I’ve been curious about what its like to be an art critic. I decided to try being an art critic first hand. I put together a sample of my writing and submitted it so that I could be considered for the 23rd Annual Critics’ Residency Program at the Maryland Art Place.

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Meaning and Experience

A man encounters a work of art. It is a mobile, with steel arms and flat sails that catch the currents in the air, warm and cold. Across and back it turns, arcing slowly through space, like a clockwork of metal clouds. The man says, “That’s not art, that pile of metal parts there. That’s not art. Why, I could have made that!”

Right! You could have made that! A human being made that. That’s the point. Then, it’s up to the other humans to come by and see the thing, wonder about it, and maybe make some sense out of it.

How is that sense made?

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What is Oulipo?

OULIPO is the “Workshop of Potential Literature”. For this group of writers and mathematicians, the goal is not to create new literature, but to invent new forms of literature.

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A History of the Future of Narrative

A History of the Future of Narrative: Robert Coover. Novelist Robert Coover’s keynote address at the Electronic Literature in Europe seminar (, September 13th, 2008. Introduced by Scott Rettberg.

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Generative Writing Exercises

Generative writing uses a system, such as a set of rules, a computer program, a machine, or other procedure, which is set into motion with some degree of autonomy resulting in a completed work of art.

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Illuminated Manuscript

At a show called Documenta 2002 in Kassel, Germany, an unusual kind of electronic book was featured. It was called “The Illuminated Manuscript.” As the author describes the book: A handbound book is set in a spartan room.

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