Litblog Roundup 2014-10-28

The weekly liblog roundup features the latest highlights from the world of literary blogs.

Amazon is the subject of a lot of conversation in the blogosphere lately. The new version of the Kindle e-reader is out, with reviews . Amazon is launching a crowd-sourced publishing platform called Kindle Scout. The company’s finances are declining at the moment . There’s also the matter of the legal battles between Amazon and publishers which has caused some to wonder whether publishing as we know it will continue to exist at all.

Last week, an author named Kathleen Hale came under fire for admitting to stalking someone who gave her book a negative review on Amazon. This week, the criticism has generated its own bashtag , #HaleNo and some book blogs have gone on strike , in protest of Hale’s actions. Others, to be more positive, use a different hashtag, #AuthorYes .

Writer Unboxed has a post with useful tips for attending a writing conference . The tips are also useful for life in general.

Berfrois has an interesting musing on the way we make sense of places and locations .

Some important anniversaries this week include the 36th anniversary of Not The New York Times which printed all the news not fit to print, and the 100th birthday of Dylan Thomas. Does the poet’s birthday mean there will be a biopic ? Yes, they thought of that. It’s called “Set Fire to the Stars” (and if you dislike the film, you may want to do just that).

Vice News has teamed up with the New York Review of Books to create videos to illustrate essays. This comes after another video project related to the New York Review of Books . Might these be for essays what videos were for music? Here’s the first one. What do you think of it?