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  • Dates: 2004–2016
a list of ways to destroy failed drawings201615 words
once the author and performer become separate entities, the work begins to read more like a script than an action201624 words
Visual Poetry Artists2016144 words
Great idea: Turning art supply tests into standalone works of art201663 words
David Bowie’s (well used) copy of Oblique Strategies201615 words
hang on by anatol knotek homepage tumblr201513 words
visual poetry by christian bök20155 words
everything will be taken away by adrian piper201514 words
if time is money i have no time by olivia steele201512 words
Marginalia Exhibition2015156 words
Announcing Baltimore’s Newest Reading Series2015191 words
The bird of hermes20140 words
Visual Poetry Exhibition In Vienna201435 words
ianbrooks nothing lasts forever by anatol201320 words
new from No Press: TWO FOM UKRAINE201342 words
20130 words
2013190 words
Craig Dworkin’s No Medium201325 words
2 4get her by anatol knotek handmade book 50201353 words
Ambient, Slowed-Down Theme for Windows 95201385 words
An Evening of Innovative New Writing!2013249 words
visual poetry so so billboard by anatol201315 words
201313 words
Vito Acconci’s 1971 instructions in case he should die in a plane crash201316 words
201390 words
No Medium201371 words
201312 words
201335 words
the following are excerpts from the end of oulipo201330 words
The Most Commercially Successful Work of Experimental Fiction Ever Written201343 words
visual poetry by pete spence from the book 10201311 words
visual poetry screen by noah wardrip fruin20139 words
visual poetry by kim rugg20124 words
Dadadodomax: An App for Word Collages201257 words words
neocronica: a novel adhered to a wall2012106 words
Mark Danielewski is here to answer your questions about The Fifty-Year Sword201267 words
visual poetry film by ernst jandl20125 words
A Surrealist for the Digital Age201228 words
Me and My Visual Similar Friends201229 words
foodmosh pizza20121 words
201261 words
Artist book by Liz Mathews201212 words
Learning to Write Art Criticism2008457 words
Meaning and Experience2008906 words
The First Ever Flux-Olympiad at the Tate Modern2008294 words
Poetry Reading by Thomas Raine Crowe2004456 words
MoMA, the New Edition: From Monumental to Experimental2019link
In Defense of the Poor Image2016link