FUCK! - Volume 3, Number 6 - June 00

by FUCK! Magazine. Lee Thorn

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FUCK! is a poetry magazine from Tucson. Tucson, I seem to recall, was a very lucky place for me. I found two twenties and five on the street! All in one place. It pays to look down. Now about this good FUCK! This is a slim photocopy job. But Thorn is a thorn in dull poetry. Ask Jay Miner because he has been in FUCK! Who else? This particularly issue: Thorn, Normal, Harland Ristau, Carl Miller Dennis and more. Yes, we all like our names. So, if you are the kinda writer and poet that likes her poetry as a rusty nail being driven into a cat’s paw with a jack-hammer or finding vodka salami in his brown lunch bag sandwich or listening to lard windows with condom victrolas or - well you get it, I hope. FUCK is for YOU. Send money, stamps, paper, dog licenses, etc. to L. Thorn. Do it before Saturday night.

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