FUCK! Volume 7, Number four. April 2004.

by Edited by Lee Thorn. Subscription is $20.00. Published monthly. Address is: Lee Thorn, Box 85571, Tucson, AZ 85754.

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FUCK! is looking for highly original short poems on any subject and art that will photocopy well. Payment is in small unmarked bills. Open to small press poetry and visual poetry also. …as it should be. Now, me think that Thorn never got an award for FUCK! and maybe not for poemistry either. But for my money the poem what I quote below in its entirety defines more than a life time of dull poetry works by most the supposed teachers and gods of lit: This is the poem and it is FUCK! and it is Thorn:

I spent the day
breaking steel pipes
out of concrete blocks

with a digging bar
and a sledge

I'm 60
kiss my ass

Made with ♥ in Baltimore.

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