Full TV Poems

by Luc Fierens. 2004. Luc Fierens (Mail-Artist-Visual Poet-Postfluxpost) Galgenberg 18, B-1982 Weerde ' Belgium. www.vansebroeck.be

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These works are the result of an evolution that has combined various genre, mail art and collage and poetry and vis-poetry, to produce a fresh fashion of literary art, which can be called: combine. It is a number of poems, in this context, that are readable and soundable and visually stimulating and expressionistic and drawn and glued and clipped. Fierens’s work is the fruit haiku of a lifetime of study and practice in the fugitive forms of art and lit. I am happy to seehear him in this book of poems in such grand and mature form dealing within these works into the erotic and socially dangerous police state mind. How a poem is political ’ here it is. Luc Fierens is a poet exhibited and committed but without any surrendering at all and he holds exploratory and experimental art to be first and foremost.

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