Peshekee River Poetry

by Tom Blessing, Editor.. Spring 2000. Peshekee River, Tom Blessing, Editor. PO Box 689 Eastpointe, MI 48021. A couple bucks.

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Just the correct size for an in hand paper magazine so when you reading eating toast in the AM or on the bus it is all easy to handle. In this one: 26 poems total by Ron Androla (which are always fantastic - cause Androla - here remembering the part sometime - truly is a poet in the real way poets are artist using words - he is the great unrecognized one), Jim Chandler (always placing the cold hard sand meat in the thunder sandwich), Donna Hill (I quote, “instead, barren and numb this night/ I walk patiently over their/ tiny jagged edges slicing/ my tender unkissed bare feet”), Lyn Lifshin (Her highness of highness underground - passion on a bone china plate) and Elaine Thomas (warm meditation deep within the mountain of cold humanity).Drawings by Blessing. Check it out. Magazine editors want mail. Allow this mention to be an invitation. I hope he don’t mind.

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