Peshekee River Poetry

by Editor: Tom Blessing.. Number 3, Fall 2000. Peshekee River Poetry, Box 689, Eastpointe, MI 48021.

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Editor Tom Blessing has got some fine work in his magazine, fine indeed. In all, I’d say, about one good lunch break worth of reading - which is enough poetry for any afternoon. He’s got some writers in here, some poets that you probably know: Kenneth Pobo, Duane Locke and t. kilgore splake (who sent me a Christmas card - Thanks splake). All their contributions much good. Pobo’s, “Bye Bye Upper P,” and splake’s “graybeard wisdom,” and especially Locke’s, “Plastic Carnations,” all good/great/fine poems - you should read them - send Blessing 2 bucks. Let’s get back to “Plastic Carnations.” Ah, Locke’s red head who could smell those plastic carnations… ah. And there are a lot of poets I did not know. I didn’t know: ray heinrich, Mike McManus, Vernon James Mooers, Janet Buck, Doug Tanoury, J. Peter Mishler and Casey Langel. Now I do. You should also. And like Casey Langel writes, “I’m going to write the great “American” poem tonight/ and then toss it in a bonfire.” Well, don’t toss them $2.00 bucks in the fire of poetry. Slide those $2.00 bucks down the bar towards Tom Blessing. He is doing good for the poem. He spends some good sensitive and smart time choosing poems. Well, everybody’s name is mentioned. Hell, might as well get in the other editors: Elize Matz, Leona Blessing, Beth Blessing and Kirstyn Blessing. Peshekee River poetry - ah - that’s aqua pura.

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