Playground Forcing Hearts Ensemble

by Christina Carter, Byron Coley, Matthew Wascovish and Valerie Beth Webber. Slow Toe Publications P. O. Box 6592, Cleveland, Ohio 44101.

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Fantastic to find a constellation of fresh voices obtuse to the mundane vapid fish heads that float with mirrors of each other in the slug of poetry in Americow or sheep. A releaf for the rain forest of poetry. The book is composed by the four poets Christina Carter, Byron Coley, Matthew Wascovish and Valerie Beth Webber. They each have some solo works ’ like this chunk of sample by Valerie Beth Webber:

sometimes I want to ask you
just what the fuck you think you're going
in my bed
with your mouth suction-cupped around my cunt

and then the other half of book is poetry composed by the four:

let me press my tongue wide enough
for empty rails
against the sewer grate
fuzzy lingulate bandit

What da! Dazzling freshness as if the poems just spirited form the oven imagination of a constellation of other voices cutting into the void that has become small press and middle of the road duck and chicken fat poetry and boiling it and burning it and leaving it with crushed snail shells, orgasm sand and clam sput as a mark for this writing is new words and another surge of volcanic splendiddddd that announces that poetry from the other has vibrancies and fresh as a summer of razors. Contact each poet ’ you editurs and magazine folks and publish them on and upward so this new mountains of poetry will replace Hawaii as the destination of all imagination.

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