Lost and Found Times

by Editor: John M. Bennett.. Luna Bisonte Prods, 137 Leland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43214.

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In the world of the poem, as we find it being suffocated by SUVs, resides an outpost, a tower, a Tower of Bababells overlooking a vast, endless sheet of paper covered in the most horrible shit in the shape of poetry. But in this holy place, high above the Great Offal Sea, is pureNESS of The Lost and Found Times. Oh HOLY! HOLEY! The First Hoel! A bulletin, a bullet in the head of the carp sucking at the nipples of the egomirror career carcass rotting in the hot flood of maggot crap. Lost and Found Times always has its fingers crushed in the door of glossy air brushed with ego and talk about wine pornographic poetry room. One must write that John M. Bennett is a true trooper of the imagination. Never satisfied with the boredom poem or poetry life in the upper class suburbs, Bennett and The Lost and Found Times provide a Circus Maximus where the dull and dim are put to the s(word). If in you all find you all self at odds with the Kenyon Review and such ilk, but still lust ink, seek The Lost and Found Times , for in its humble pages resides one of the few paths through the Red Sea.

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