Lucid Moon Poetry

by Ralph Hasselmann.

Book Review by is Ralph Hasselmann’s new publishing realm. After 40 print issues of Lucid Moon, a billion sheets of paper, exhausting several photocopy machines, etc. and braking the backs of many a mail carrier (luggin around the great Moon issues), it the LIT IT OF LUCID MOON: - the Zine - metamorphosed into this site - which is growing, expanding, hanging and mostly - well - yeah - it is growing - that is what Ralph does the best - that is combine it all and get it all out there - and not worry about this and that and well what about this poem - I mean - his gut is a trusted thing - like ice cream moon and howling dog tongues want it. So, MainMan! Ralph, has it together - plenty poems, him got reviews, interviews, broadside series, link to the Alpha BEATS! Tapes and joy, yes, such are the joys cause we are all girls and boys. No invisible worms allowed, no police on yaks, no pool closing the second week in September, no none of that, Stuff, what makes you mad. Here !!! Everything is Holy. Baseball is Holy. The Organ of Man is Holy. Click on it - willya! Jeez Loueez. Click. Fool Click. Cluck-cluck-cluck. Click click click.

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