Mt. Houghton Miscellany

by Tom Blessing, Editor. Volume 2 - Number 1. March 2002. . PO Box 689, Eastpointe. Michigan 48021.

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This splendid issue features Mike Kriesel: with his poems like: “Heaven’s Nail,” Hawk/ hangs/ like/ a nail/ driven/ into/ the sky. And poems by Mark Hartenbach - his work most interesting always endowed and rich and frothy with Catholic imagery and he also deeply tangled and twisting with and about in this spirituality of working class, eastern US, industrial folk. He should be in every magazine forever as should and of course, ah…in the kitchen with Ron Androla . He is making eggs - and Ron - yes - my father also died of steel mill stress. And t. kilgore spake works in here a plenty: like his poem: “Gray Beard HMO,” winchester “upland game,” 2 in., /no. 6, 20 gauge only. And Donna Michele Hill contributions also - Yes - in her Radom Capsule No. 17. I have been - haven’t we all been - part of her poem about hospital rooms - yes - go there be captured by poetry. And find her at

So - well - Tom Blessing got a batch of poems together in a couple pages and said- well - here is it. And yeah: eat it and go sing!

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