That Look.

by Eve Packer. Words and vocals by Eve Packer and alto saxophone and music composed by Noah Howard. Boxholder Records. PO Box 779 Woodstock, Vt. 0509

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Eve Packer’s all a poet, poetic most poetry words full of luscious phrases of speech with different inflections like imagine, “SAS sandals, comfy as peanut butter bunny slippers,” and “a raincloud of gummie bears.” Her work cellars and coffee and smoky of hip jazz populates this most wonderful CD of 17 works with her own vocals of her own delightful smooth poems and poemetic voice evening stars light and headlights of cars maneuvering the city at night. And then … well - it is a duet - takes two to tango - and Noah Howard makes the pair. His alto sax and music meshes and mates with Eve Packer’s voice and words to produce an urban fantasia and define what balance a duo can have - like Anubis holding the scales. Together: Ying/Yang. Inseparable. Parts of the heart merge for beating. The heart quickens beat when you get That Look, love lust - you know. You know: Red Dress my favorite cut because of improvisations and springs of speech and it is all about That Look as a truck driver sees Eve in Red Dress and crashes into a wall.

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