The Allegories

by Dan Sicoli. 2004. Pudding House Publications, 81 Shaddymere Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43213.

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Dan Sicoli has tapped his soul and out pours: The small press poem is a finger stained with oil or yellow with nicotine, cut at work or working on the house, the mundane of America celebrated, banal birthday candles, beer cans, a phone call, a hubcap along I-90, I-95, dreamy Route 66, a cup of vapid coffee, a Krispy cream, eggs with two pork sausages, Janet Jackson, Afghanistan, and Coors, what some refer to as camel piss. The small press poem is the corona around the sun. Sicoli has all this and a shot glass more or some shotgun shells more too. Here is his latest, The Allegories, which is a reflective collection all ways in mind and imagination full of lost and sad loves that pierce love and life like the boil it is. Imagination is the only glue that keeps the poetic heart one beating thing of art. My head is a sandwich he writes in one poem! He is not without humor. Still this is a pondering, a sometimes melancholy set of poetry. The Allegories, fit for alcohol remorse and hangover (from living) Sundays and no, not the poem of what’s happening out on the street so much as what happens in the heart of a street poet after being at work out there in the wet, cold rain terrible world word of Monday morning back stabbing. Oh the bitter life, life sweetness, the joy of wishes and wanting weep to express celebrate breathe one last time… O poem! And laugh kinda. Have to ’ to keep in it on living. 2005.

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