The Asphodel: A tribute to Jim Lowell On the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

by Kirpan Press. Limited Edition of 50. Kirpan Press, P.O. Box 2943, Vancouver, WA. 98668-2943.

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As all Kirpan books, this one is first very beautiful and first it is a tribute to one of Cleveland’s legendary literary heroes, Jim Lowell, and first it is a tribute to The Asphodel bookshop, and then, first of all, I hadn’t realized how wonderful a poet Jim Lowell himself is - he is first rate - and first also included praise from Tom Kryss and Kent Taylor - poets who started their literary journeys, with Lowell, in the Cleveland of d. a. levy time and first Horvath is original printer publisher of Cleveland underground books and mags. He is editor artist. His unit of composition is the magazine/book. It is most marvelous to see and hold such work by such accomplished talent in hand. But back in the old days, from Buffalo I looked out upon the same polluted lake - my friends and I called it The Dead Sea. Poor Erie. Well, the lake has gotten better and it is fine to know that there is celebration for poetry of poetry and poets in the fine spring air. Celebrate now yea of Cleveland and poetry. And although I never met Jim Lowell, Happy Birthday!

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