by Zenyth Publications. Issue 1 and Issue 2, Volume 2.

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Zenyth is a one page literary magazine that features poems - obviously - short poems on both sides of the single sheet. These issues in hand feature poems by Bart Solarczyk and Ron Androla and Wendy A. Howe and the editor Danielle Taschereau. And of course there are others. Folded up Zenyth fits good in your pocket, which is where good poems should be for the bus ride home or to be read while eating the evening can of green beans or spaghetti and then a can of beer. Poems between commercials, that is what I like and that is what Zenyth offers. No, that is what Zenyth gives you. Zenyth gives. Give me a page of poems. Thanks for pages of poems. These single pages, these poems hold back the flood of mundane words and keep boredom out walking the dog.

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