by David Daniels. 300 pages. David Daniels, 1305 Cornell Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702.

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I bet many of you don’t know the poetry of David Daniels. But maybe I’m nuts and you all do. Well, that’s good. But for you who are one out of a million out there let me inform: He does a form of a visual narrative poetry. His latest book is called Years, which documents the years of his life in picto-poetry, which is not only tremendously unique but absolutely engrossing and WATCH OUT! It is fun to read! Can you image poetry that is fun to read and a book of poetry that is a blast to hang around in! That’s what you get when you impact with David Daniels. Look, I can write on and on about this satisfying experience with poetry but my words can’t match his words in the context of their visuality so, check his stuff out at: And then after you do that - you should write him and buy his book

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