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Xpress(ed) is an e-chapbook publisher devoted to experimental poetry. All items are in electronic format (Acrobat PDF or PalmPilot DOC). Downloads and free. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is this master publisher. He is committed to twisting the hell out of words and, therefore, making the new meaning so desperately needed in these very strange times of word untruths by governments (ours and them) and master(bators ’ alligators!) of industry. Damn if we don’t need new eyes and ears and definitions of everything now. When is now and Kervinen has stepped forward with his ocean of lightning. He has just published ten new eChaps in xpressed.org The new books are by this cast of poets: Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Jesse Glass, Catherine Daly, Nick Carbo, Nico Vassilakis, Andrew Lundwall, Chris Sawyer, David Dowker, Halvard Johnson and Hugh Tribbey. Going in there and reading around you see this wave of works has an edge that explores spaces and holes in contemporary world poetry. It is an intoxicating night long party! I like the way Kervinen organizes the site and provides a biography of each writer represented. Always sensitive to the work, it is a friendly site also. Ifin you wish to learn how to really publish useful echaps, here is the place to go. If you wish to discover some cutting edge poetry, do it here. If you wanna figure out where IT (the poem) at least one part of it is, here is a depot. And Jukka-Pekka does this form Finland. We are a small world of poets, are we not.

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