The Life of All Worlds

by Marc Widershien. Ibbetson Street Press in conjunction with Stone Soup Poets, Somerville, MA.

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Once within the poetry of Marc Widershien’s The Life of All Worlds, one is drawn, floats into the self and into the own-self’s geography of memory and the cities of that place within that memory and in the heart. This poem in 21 parts is a key and once in the door of the self, the poetry of that terrain rises to be alive. I found my own portal within these lines:

A tuna fish sandwich exploded
as I squeezed it into the wax paper

Ah, how I love wax paper. Widershien’s poems are a lunch bag full of such particulars and treats and the streets of growing up and that past that is the present and allows to continue growth. I am happy that such poetry exists and that poets like Marc Widershien’s allow such particulars to be part of our life. Hail to his imagination for his imagination allows us to enter ours. Poetry can do such things, make such magic.

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