The Pond at Cape May Point

by Burt Kimmelman. with painting by Fred Caruso. 2002. Marsh Hawk Press, P.O. Box 220, Stuyvesant Station, NY. NY. 10009.

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Once every now and then one comes upon something that is simply beautiful and this book is such art. It is here, endless peace and the coming and going of water foul, swans, geese, and egrets. The poems complement and mesh like bird and water with the paintings. They are one thing, one art. Rarely do facets so vastly different merge so well, so perfectly. It is then nature the great thing we live in that allows this symbiosis to manifest. The rhythms of the poems, biological rhythms, are with those of the paintings. It is as if one enters a hall given over to meditation, it is as if one is once again primal and refreshed. Here, rejoice in this book. It is wonderful to know that in this often too horrible world that there is peace, peace that one can locate in the natural of this art and in the nature that it mirrors.

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