The Post-Contemporary Concerto

by Andrew Topel. 36 pages. Avantacular Press, RR 3 Box 16A, Rushville, IL 62681

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A tradition of typographic/typewriters art (now computer typing/typographic word processing, of course) what begins with Guillaume Apollinaire is here carried on by this century’s Apollinaire: Andrew Topel. Yeah, more I think about it ’ his play with the letters carries on and pushes us into remembering that the alphabetic manipulation is the origins and base form which all visual poetry srings/srrpungs/springs. And he has meshed it with other deformations of words but has not neglected the sonics involved. So we have some very pleasant noisy Apollinarian poetry visualities in this book of visual music. Again, from G. Apollinaire to A. Topel Apollinaire. It works with letters and sound and eye. Damned, seems like he have hear defined a poetry!

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