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by Luc Fierens. with introduction by Tom Hibbard. Structum Press. 2002.

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Luc Fierens lives in Belgium where he is centrally networked with the vast web of European mail-artists, (which extends into the USA), contemporary Flux artists, neo-dadaists, performance and sound poets and visual poets working in the area of collage writing. Like us here, in the vast dumbness of an America that allows George W. Bush to hold the title President, Luc Fierens is brilliant, creative and unknown. So, here is your chance, you meta-poets, visualists, mail-artists, and contrary thinkers and creators, to be most pleasantly influenced by a host of insight comments into the creative passion and person of Luc Fierens. In this small text I think is reveled the true nature of the artist, which is in each moment creatively rules. And for the visual artist the collage is an endless collage and all everything becomes the material of the grand collage of living and each day adds to it and essays are just another form in which to exercise collage, visual writing. Here are collages and juxtaposed diary entries and critical comment and an introduction by Tom Hibbard to place it all in a context. A joy. Hey, you avant-gourd! (yes it is supposed to be that spelling - be creative) Are any of you out there? Check this out! Contact Hibbard. And then contact Fierens: [email protected]

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