by Andrew Topel and company. 2002. 20 pages. Xtant Anabasis. 1512 Mountainside Ct., Charlottesville, Va. 22903-9797.

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Here Topel in this his center poem in this book of skewed that is expanding juxtapositioning of words so worbs occur and OPEMS appear oput of the text so that the text in Topel’s word imagination is an organ organic orgasm cosmosssgasm, gasm GASM thing. This organic is all about the improvisational reading, engage, engagement so you are to be web to the poem - OPEM! To the poetry you wed. Here in this, the central work in this book, perhaps it might be called PLODE, the dictionary definition of a word explodes through the double pages. It is the big bang of the poetic imagination. And out of it spreads the text of the book, the other opems of the text, a text that crosses also the boundary of the book and does well up and spill thought the pages erupting the imagination into all other texts. Let it be the imagination’s raw power gushing forth. And froth. Thoth.

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