by K .M. Dersley. 2001. ISBN: 0-9521947-4-0. Appliance books.

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So, as I come upon this text - I see blurb by Gerry Locklin and I see blurb by Steven Berkoff. Well - if you don’t know Berkoff he had a one made Shakespeare Festival. I mean, who wouldn’t believe a guy who would do that. I am envious. These are good introductions and what blurbs are supposed to do. And then I flip the book to the table of contents and see that he writes on Bukowski - I need not much more, maybe a can of beer (not Bush Beer- no way - even the neighbor’s dog wont drink that camel piss). But oh - the BUK and the DERZ. Well, nice to have em together. This is a 200 book of Dersley’s articles and stories and if you like your bacon crisp and with eggs that you can dunk in your toast. Hot coffee, black after drinking or a large tomato juice as part of the cure. DERZ. And if you like your car to start DERZ. And if you like to open your car door and ah the sweet odor of woman. DERZ. And if you ever wonder, What the fuck? DERZ. If you wanna ride a panzer in Maine during a tidal wave?never mind? You get it right? Just leave the dishes in the sink? Clam up and get on with this book.

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